Tuesday, May 2, 2017


1. Run the app on iOS device.

2. App will display "Welcome Screen" which will present "login option" & "new user" registration button.

3. If the user is already registered then he/she can simply provide his login credentials (that is "email address" & "password"). User can also register & login using "facebook" account.

4. When User clicks on "Register Now" button, new screen will be presented. In this new screen User has to provide "email", "username" & "password" for registering himself/herself. Optionally User can select profile photo as well.

5. After registering or logging into RChat, user will be navigated to new screen (there will be 4 buttons at the bottom of this new screen). Press Recent button, then press "+" sign on the top right. Now it will give you an option to select "Friend List" or "All Users" or "Cancel".

6. Select "All Users", this will display "All Users" screen and then you can initiate chat with any of the users by selecting the user. Go back by clicking "Recent" at top left corner of "All Users" screen. Now you are on "Recent" screen where you can see the selected users from "All Users" screen.

7. Now "Recent screen" press on any user & you are ready to chat with him/her.

8. You can send text message, picture message, audio message, video message, & share your current location.

9. You can also make internet call to the user.

10. You can create group & add your friends in the group. You may also get added to the group.

11. You can set the chat window's background color, you can also enable or disable user image from Settings screen.

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